Canada Elections 2021 – All Parties, Leaders & Mandates

September 13, 2021

Canada is set to hold its Federal Elections in September 2021, the voting day is scheduled for 20th September 2021. The elections were announced by the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on the weekend of 15th August 2021, this meant parties got only 5 weeks’ time for their campaigning efforts to make a mark on the voters. The elections were last held in the year 2019 when the Trudeau led Liberal Party won the elections but not with clear majority & thus had to form government with the help of rival parties. In 2021, the Liberal Party feels they have garnered enough support to win outright majority number of seats in the House of Commons & thus called for the elections.

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Let’s have a look at the parties in the race for victory in the federal elections, 

  1. Liberal Party

The Liberal Party is led by the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau seeks to win his 3rd election campaign in 2021. The Liberal Party had won the elections in 2015 but were reduced to a minority government in 2019. The Prime Minister & his Liberal Party are relying on their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic to convert the minority government into a majority government. The rivalling parties have protested the call for these elections, claiming the timing of the elections has not come at a very good time, especially as Canada is dealing with the 4th wave of the pandemic.

What the Liberal Party Promises:

  • Hiring up to 50,000 more Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to aid senior citizens in long-term care.
  • Introduction of $10-a-day childcare system.
  • Raise of wages for PSWs to a minimum of $25 per hour.
  • Double Home Accessibility Tax Credit to help seniors stay in their houses longer (nearly $1,500 increase per senior).
  • Maintain Covid-19 relief programs & provide aid for arts, movies & television sectors.
  • 10 days of paid sick leaves for employees in regulated sectors.
  • Train 1,000 new Wildlife Firefighters to combat wildfires & their spread.
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  1. Conservative Party

The main opposition party, the Conservatives are led by Erin O’Toole. He is also the official leader of the opposition and the Conservative Party has the second highest number of seats in the House of Commons after the Liberal Party. Erin is a lawyer by practice & has served 12 years in the Canadian military & contests the elections from the riding of Durham, Ontario. The Conservative Party has been piling on the pressure on the Liberal Party by stating the Liberals have timed the elections to their convenience and do not care about the welfare of the citizens of Canada by conducting elections while the country is still battling against the pandemic.

The Conservative Party’s Promises:

  • Introduction of a new Anti-Corruption law to increase government accountability.
  • Recover a million+ jobs lost during & due to the pandemic with special focus on specifically hard-hit industries & sectors.
  • More funds to each province for Mental Health Services.
  • Setup a nation-wide common 3-digit suicide prevention & help hotline.
  • Support domestic production of vaccines & covid-19 safety kits like PPE, masks.
  • Distribution of Covid-19 emergency spending over the next few years to create balanced budgets.
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  1. New Democratic Party

The New Democratic Party will be led by Jagmeet Singh going into the 2021 Canadian Federal Elections. The New Democratic Party has been pushing for all contesting candidates & participating party members to be fully vaccinated to ensure safety of the candidates & the voting public, the New Democrats have been using innovative ways to market their campaign this election. The New Democratic Party is using social media extensively to put their agenda out to the public and target younger audiences. Jagmeet Singh is the only leader of all the federal parties to use TikTok for campaigning.

Promises made by the New Democratic Party:

  • Make childcare more affordable.
  • Higher tax brackets for businesses that experienced windfalls over the course of the pandemic.
  • Essentials such as housing, post-secondary education, smartphones & plans, vehicles etc. to be more affordable for Canadians.
  • More support to initiatives leading towards net-zero carbon emissions.
  • 10 days of paid sick leave to regulated employees.
  • Establishment of nationwide common dental care system.
  • Free medical healthcare facilities for unemployed Canadians & school benefits.
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