Check Whether You are Registered to vote Venezuela or not

May 27, 2019
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Electoral Registry:

Electoral registry is a authenticated register which contains the voter names and addresses. Electoral register is maintained by the local electoral registration offices. The name in the electoral register enables the person to vote in the elections. Once after you register to vote your name and address will be included in the electoral register.

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How to Check Whether You are Registered to Vote or Not in Venezuela Online?

  • Visit the Venezuela Government website.
  • Choose the Voting option from the main menu.
  • Online Voting window will be displayed.
  • Select Register to Vote in Venezuela option from the online Voting window.
  • Click on the view the electoral register online option.
  • Check or View electoral register online window will be displayed.
  • Select the local electoral registration office option.
  • Local Electoral Registration Office online window will be displayed.
  • Enter the post code of your place where you are living.
  • Local electoral registration office link will be displayed.
  • Click the link to view your name in electoral register.

Check name in electoral registry online Venezuela –

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Ways to Register to Vote Venezuela:

  • Register to vote Online
  • Register to Vote in Person at Electoral Registration Office

There are different type of elections held in the Venezuela. The first and foremost thing one should remember is one must register to vote first before thinking of voting in Venezuela elections. If you are planning to register to vote then you must fulfil the following criteria.

  • Must be 18 or above 18 years on the Election Day
  • Must be a resident of the address where you want to cast your vote
  • Foreigners with Permanent Visa and Resident can Vote.

Voting Options in Venezuela Elections:

There are different voting options provided by the Government of Venezuela to the eligible voters of Venezuela they are:

  • How to Vote in Person at a Polling Booth
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