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November 22, 2018
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How to Check Your Name in Electoral Register in the UK

The electoral register or the electoral roll provides the names and addresses of people who have registered to vote in the UK. Sometimes, you want to make sure that your details in the database are correct and if there are any errors and omissions, they are rectified. You must register as a voter when you are asked to do so because if you don’t, you may be fined. However, you cannot be fined if there is a valid reason for you not to register for instance, if you have along stayed in the hospital or if you have severe learning difficulties. Although you can only cast your vote once, you can have 2 addresses for instance, if you are a student studying in a different location and residing in another location.

Electoral Register & How to Check Vote Explained on YouTube

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Checking and Changing Your Voter Registration in the UK: 

Checking voter registration status online isn’t possible, so people have to contact their local authority by entering their postcode from where they can contact them. The easiest way in which you can find out if you are a registered voter in the UK is to use the credit file. It is easy and quick and in addition, it shows the credit reference bureaus that are reporting your electoral register status.  Visiting will allow you to know whether you are a registered voter. This is because local councils pass the information in electoral register on to credit reference agencies where they update it to rhyme with what appears on a person’s credit report.

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If you want to check or change your voter registration within the UK, you can visit this website if you are in Scotland, England, and Wales. For those in Northern Ireland and they want to check their voter registration status, they can visit here

The other way to see if you appear on the electoral roll is to contact your local council. By visiting this site which is run by the electoral commission in the UK, you can enter your postcode and get the details and information of your local authority from where you can inquire about your voter registration status.

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The Open Register vs Full Register:

 The electoral register comes in two versions, there is the open register that is edited and the full version. The open register is available to those who want to have a copy and it may be used for marketing purpose, but you can opt out of it and it doesn’t affect your ability to vote. The full version register is used for elections, prevention and detection of crime, in credit or loan application and for jury summoning within Wales, England, and Northern Ireland.

Anonymous Electoral Registration:

 Some people may be at risk if they show their address and name on the voter registration. For this reasons, UK provides anonymous electoral registration. For example, people who have survived domestic abuse often register to vote UK without revealing their details. The draft order pushing for reform in the anonymous registration were put before the Parliament sometimes in 2017. An affirmative procedure has to be done before they are approved by the Houses in Parliament. House of Commons approved them in Feb 2018 while House of Lords approve them in March 2018 and effective from July 2018, the anonymous electoral registration was applicable. To register anonymously, you can visit

UK General Election Results 2019:

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You have to show a good reason for you to register anonymously to vote in UK, otherwise, you may not be able to do it.  Your details won’t appear in open register or full register when you register anonymously.

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