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How to Vote in Elections South Africa

July 3, 2019
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To vote in the elections one should get registered to vote first, after the voter registration it is better to check and confirm the following details like voter registration status, find and locate voting station, on the day of elections reach the voting station on time along with South African Identity card, after reaching the voting station, first confirm your name in the voters roll. As and when the election notification releases there will be minimum time for the day of election day so during that time one can check the voter registration status, if the voter registration is there then it is fine but if you need to register again then in that case you will need a minimum of 7 working days to get registered therefore it is better to confirm the vote before the elections.

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How to Vote in South African Elections?

  • Visit the South African Electoral Commission official website.
  • Confirm your Voter Registration.
  • Check your Voting Station.
  • Locate your Voting Station.
  • On the Election Day visit the voting station along with the Identity Document.
  • Show your Identity document at the entrance of the voting station.
  • Now check your name in the voters roll.
  • After the confirmation of your name in the voters roll collect the ballot papers.
  • Make sure that the ballot paper is stamped.
  • After taking the ballot papers, your Identification document book will be stamped by the electoral officer.
  • Now go the polling booth and select your candidate for whom you want to cast your vote.
  • After the making the mark or selecting the candidate, drop the ballot paper in the ballot box.

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