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How to Vote in European Parliament Elections 2019

May 24, 2019
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The European Parliament Electoral Commission scheduled the 9th European Parliamentary Elections on 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th May 2019. The European Parliamentary Elections will be held in all the 28 Member States on these 4 days. There are 751 MEP Positions in the European Parliament. MEP – Member of European Parliament, these MEP’s represent the people of Member States in the European Parliament. To get the majority in the European Parliament one has to get 376 MEP seats.

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How to Vote EU Parliament Elections 2019?

Each European Member Country Citizen is eligible to vote in the European Parliament Elections. The eligibility depends on the country you are from. The basic eligibility in most of the European Union countries is one must be 18 years and above and must be the Citizen of that Country or other European Union Member States and must be the resident of the address from where you are planning to register to vote. The regular and most people follow the basic procedure to vote is voting on the Election day at a Polling Station, you may even vote by post, by proxy etc but you have to apply for it before the elections.

What is the Date of the Election in EU?

The Electoral Commission of European Parliament has scheduled the 17th European Parliament election dates to be held in 4 days in all the Member States. The elections will be held on 23rd May, 24th May, 25th May, and 26th May 2019.

  • 23rd May 2019 – Thursday
  • 24th May 2019 – Friday
  • 25th May 2019 – Saturday
  • 26th May 2019 – Sunday

Where Can I Vote in European Parliament Elections 2019?

It varies from one Member Country to another but the basic voting place will be a polling station where every eligible voter can cast their valuable vote.

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What is the Voting Age for European Parliament Elections 2019?

Basically in most of the Member Countries the voting age is 18 years. It may vary from country to country, the best example is in England, Northern Ireland and Wales the voting age is 18 whereas the Scotland voters can vote at 16 years. The European Union Member countries Citizens who are 18 and above can vote in the European Parliament Elections.

Where One Should Register to vote in EU Parliament Elections?

It depends on the Member Country you are living in most of the European Member States you can register to vote online, in person Electoral Registration Office, by Post etc.

Can a EU Citizen is allowed to Vote by Mail in EU Parliament Elections?

No, you are not allowed to vote by mail in the EU Parliament elections though you can vote by post, by proxy in some of the countries but to do that one has to apply postal vote before.

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Who Can Vote in European Parliament Elections 2019?

  • Must be registered to vote.
  • Must be 18 or above 18 years on the Election Day.
  • Must be a Citizen of the Member Country of European Union (EU Citizen)
  • Must be a resident of the address where you want to cast your vote

European Parliament Elections 2019 Dates & Register to Vote:

European Union Member Countries Polling Day Register to Vote/How to vote
Germany Sunday – 26th May 2019
France Sunday – 26th May 2019
United Kingdom Thursday – 23rd May 2019
Italy Sunday – 26th May 2019
Spain Sunday – 26th May 2019
Poland Sunday – 26th May 2019
Romania Sunday – 26th May 2019
Netherlands Thursday – 23rd May 2019
Belgium Sunday – 26th May 2019
Czech Republic 24th & 25th May 2019 – Friday and Saturday
Greece Sunday – 26th May 2019
Hungary Sunday – 26th May 2019
Portugal Sunday – 26th May 2019
Sweden Sunday – 26th May 2019
Austria Sunday – 26th May 2019
Bulgaria Sunday – 26th May 2019
Denmark Sunday – 26th May 2019
Finland Sunday – 26th May 2019
Slovakia Saturday – 25th May 2019
Ireland Friday – 24th May 2019
Croatia Sunday – 26th May 2019
Lithuania Sunday – 26th May 2019
Latvia Saturday – 25th May 2019
Slovenia Sunday – 26th May 2019
Estonia Sunday – 26th May 2019
Cyprus Sunday – 26th May 2019
Luxembourg Sunday – 26th May 2019
Malta Saturday – 25th May 2019
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Major Political Parties in European Parliament:

  • European people’s Party – EPP
  • Party of European Socialists – S&D
  • European Conservatives & Reformists – ECR
  • European Green Party
  • European Free Alliance – EFA
  • Alliance of Liberals & Democrats – ALDE
  • Party of the European Left
  • European Democratic Party – EDP
  • ENF
  • EFDD
  • EFD
  • NI          
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