How to Vote Online in Canada

December 12, 2018
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Online Voting Ways in Canada:

In Canada there are several ways a voter can vote, for example, you can vote in Election Day, at the advance poll, at the local Elections Canada office, or by mail. If you’re voting during the election day, you will need to know the dates, hours, and the election day poll address, which you can find at website.

Advance polls are held on specific dates specifically the 7th through to the 10th days before election day. The advance polls are open from noon to 8 pm local time.

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Voting at Elections Canada office requires you to vote in person. When an election has been called, the Elections Canada establishes local offices within every riding in Canada. A voter will need to fill the Application for Registration along with the special ballot. When the special ballot application has been accepted, you are given a special ballot voting kit. A voter can vote immediately or they can submit their vote later to the office. By voting at the Elections Canada office it simply means you are voting by special ballot.

If you are outside Canada and you qualify to vote, you can get the application form to vote by mail at any consulate, high commission, and Canadian embassy, or you can call Elections Canada to get the Application for Registration and the special ballot.  Your name will be added to the International Register of Electors.

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Can You Vote Online In Canada?

Although not used in the federal election, online voting has been in operation within some elections. Elections in Canada are organized and overseen by the Elections Canada. This organization says that six provinces in Canada have laws that allow certain kinds of electronic voting. These provinces include British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario.

In addition, some local municipalities are now using online voting for municipal board elections and school elections. Electronic voting is meant to widen voter access, increase voter turnout, draw in younger voters, and adapt to the increasing digital lives of the electorate. Moreover, online voting is used within Indigenous communities in council and chief elections. It has been applied in the 2016 Prince Island’s electoral reform plebiscite.

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Online Voting in the Federal Elections:

 At the federal level, online voting isn’t yet allowed in Canada. However, in 2017, a report that was published by the Canadian government indicated that there is potential future feasibility of using voting online during the federal elections.  Other countries like the United States, Switzerland, and Estonia have had online voting. At the sub-federal level, online voting has been done in Canada. The report found out that election administrators and voters were satisfied with the aspect of incorporating online voting in Canada.

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In Ontario municipal elections, online voting has been considered the most commonly used voting procedure ahead of paper as well as telephone voting. Also, voters feel that online voting is the least risky when used in remote areas. Whether Canada will get into online voting or not, it largely depends on the cultural sphere and institutions within the jurisdiction. When used, online voting should be a complementary channel and not a substitute for paper voting.

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