PM Justin Trudeau’s Rally Cancelled Due to Livid Protesters

September 13, 2021

The leader of the Liberal Party & the current Prime Minister of Canada was forced to call off his campaign rally due to security concerns caused by a mob of angry protesters waylaid the event. Last week, the leader of the Liberal Party, Mr. Trudeau was scheduled to address his supporters at an event in Bolton, Ontario. The event had to be cancelled before it even started as a mob of angry protesters formed outside the event premises and hurled abuses before the PM could address the gathering. Security concerns over the group of protesters’ behaviour forced Trudeau to cancel his rally speech in Bolton.

The leader of the Liberal Party’s response to the protests acknowledged the tough times endured by the public caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. “We all had a difficult year. Those folks out protesting, they had a difficult year too, and I know and I hear the anger, the frustration, perhaps the fear,” Mr. Trudeau said. He also mentioned the purpose for the cancellation of the event was due to the organizers not being able to guarantee the safety of the public present at the event. This is not the first instance of the current PM’s rallies being marred by protests.

Last Friday, the Prime Minister’s visit to a bakery in Nobleton was also disrupted by a crowd. Earlier in last week, he was met by anti-vaccine protesters as a group of people screaming that they would refuse the Covid-19 vaccine shot(s) during his visit to British Columbia. As the forthcoming elections in Canada are going to be held at a time when the country battles with the 4th wave of Covid crisis ongoing at present, the debate of vaccines, vaccine mandates & the need for an election at the time the country is struggling have become hot topics that may swing the election to any side.

The Prime Minister announced the 2021 Canadian polls on August 15th, the voting day is scheduled for 20th September 2021. The elections were called due to the polls indicating the Liberal Party is now in a position to form a government with majority. The previous elections in 2019 resulted in the Liberal Party forming a minority government with the help of opposition parties. The call for elections amidst the latest wave of the pandemic in Canada has drawn lot of heavy criticism towards the Liberal Party from the opposition party, especially for allowing a 5-week long campaign.

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