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December 12, 2018
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Voter Registration Canada Online:

All Canadian citizens have a chance to decide through a vote who represents them in federal politics. A federal election is conducted to choose the prime minister. When there is an election, Elections Canada prepares a list of voters, which is derived from the information available in the National Register of Electors. This is a database showing the people who qualify to vote in Canada. Some few weeks prior to elections, you will get a Voter Information Card that tells you’re registered. The card also shows where and when you will need to vote. Information about advance polls location and date is also included in the card.

How to Register to Vote Canada Explained on YouTube:

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Online Voting Process Canada

Voting Requirements:

When going to vote, you will take the card with you. In case your name and address aren’t correct on the card, you can reach out to the returning officer by telephone, in person, through the mail, or fax to correct it. The returning officer asks you for more information to prove your identity. It is also possible to make corrections or register on election day at the polling station. You will need to present documents that show proof of residence and identity, for example, a driver’s license.

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Upcoming Elections Canada        Check Whether You are Registered to Vote

How to Vote Federal Elections Canada 2019 Explained on YouTube:

 Who Can Vote in Canada Elections:

To vote in the federal election Canada, you must be:

  • A citizen of Canada, so permanent and temporary residents who are not citizens cannot vote in the federal election
  • 18 years and above on Election Day
  • A resident in the electoral district
  • In the voters list or list of electors meaning you should be registered

If you meet the requirements and you are not appearing on the Voters List, you need to add your name on electors list on or before the Election Day

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Voter Registration Status Check       Address Update on Vote          Name Change on Vote

 Changing your Name and Address on Vote Card:

If you moved recently, then your name may be in the Voters List, however, you may want to update your address. The Elections Canada may have received the new address from sources like driver’s license, Canada Revenue Agency, territorial elections agency, or your provincial elections agency. That information can also be used to update your voter registration information. Also, if you changed your name legally, you can also request for the registration form so that you update it.

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Voter Registration Documents Required:

If you are registering online, you need to provide proof of identity. You can provide your driver’s license from any territory or province except Quebec. Alternatively, you can provide your territorial or provincial ID card from Labrador, Newfoundland, Yukon, Alberta, or Saskatchewan. The online service for voter registration accepts these documents because there is data sharing agreement done with agencies that issue people these documents or cards.

How to Vote Online                  How to Vote by Mail              Advance Poll 2019

In case you don’t have the cards accepted when registering online, then you can use mail to register. When registering by mail, you need to provide a copy of identity and address proof documents. It can be a copy of any document that shows your address, name, and signature, for example, your driver’s license. Alternatively, you can provide copies of two documents, for example, one that shows your address and name like a telephone bill, and another that has your name and signature like a library card or health card.

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