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Register to Vote South Africa

December 12, 2018
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South Africa Online Voter Registration Process:

If you’re going to vote in South Africa, you need to register as a voter. A person needs to register once unless they move within the country or there is a change in the voting district boundaries. To register, a person needs to apply for the registration within the voting station for their voting district. You can check the location of your voting station by visiting

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You can also make an arrangement to apply for registration in office hours within the local IEC office that is mandated to handle the voting exercise within your voting district. Before you can go to the local IEC office to register, you need to make an appointment by calling them or through their web page

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Who Can Register Vote in South Africa:

 If you want to register to vote in South Africa, you will need to be:

  • A citizen of the country
  • At least 16 years, however, you will have to wait until you are 18 to vote
  • Have a green, bar-coded identification (ID) book, valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) or smart card ID.
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Register to Vote Documents Required SA:

Before a person is allowed to register to vote, they need to present certain documents as prescribed by the law. South Africa does not allow email or online registrations, so a person needs to apply in person. An individual will bring the following documents:

  • Green, bar-coded ID book
  • A smartcard ID
  • Or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC)

People need to realize that no other forms of identity documents are accepted apart from the ones mentioned above. Also, only original documents but no copies are accepted.

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 How to Apply For Voter Registration South Africa Online:

 In order to apply for the registration, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the local IEC office (You must go in person, so no online registration)
  • Fill in the registration form
  • The attendant scans the identity document book
  • A barcode sticker is then pasted in the green ID book or the TIC. In case you are using the smart card ID, the sticker isn’t posted in it, but in a special form, you are given at the IEC office.

It is important to note that simply because you have completed the form and received the barcoded sticker doesn’t mean you are now registered. It just means that you have done the application. The application has to be processed and it takes about 7 working days.

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 How to Check If I am Registered to Vote South Africa:

If you want to check the registration details, you need to do the following:

  • Send an SMS that has your ID number to this number 32810. This SMS is chargeable so you want to know the charges.
  • You can also download the mobile app for voters at this site- then feed your ID number
  • You can also check the registration details online by visiting this page
  • During the final week of registration, you can check your registration status or details at your voting station
  • You can also check at the local IEC office within office hours.
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A person can re-register if they have moved some distance and their home address has changed or if their voting district boundary has changed.

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