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July 3, 2019
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Voter Registration is a duty of a Filipino Citizen which qualifies the holder to vote in the Philippine Elections. The basic eligibility for the voter registration in the Republic of Philippines is the person must be a qualified Filipino Citizen. Once the voter registration process is completed then the registered voter will be issued Voter ID card. Voter ID card is a valid Identification document which serves the holder during the casting of vote in elections apart from serving as identification document at the time of elections it also serves as the best identification document in all the Government and private sectors of Philippines.

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Voter Registration Requirements:

  • Must be a Filipino Citizen.
  • Age must be 18 years on or before May 13, 2019 for National & Local Elections of 2019.
  • Must be a resident of the place for a minimum period of 1 year where the Filipino Citizen wishes to register to vote.
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Register to Vote as Overseas Voter                Overseas Voter Verification Online

Documents Required for Voter Registration:

Filipino Citizen who wishes for voter registration, at the time of voter registration must submit any one of the following document to prove the identity in Philippines.

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • SSS ID
  • Postal ID
  • Employees ID Card
  • PWD Discount ID
  • Student ID Card
  • Senior Citizen ID Card
  • NBI Clearance Certificate
  • IBP ID ( Integrated Bar of the Philippines)
  • PRC License ( License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission)
  • ICC or IP members must provide the Certificate of Confirmation issued by NCIP ( National Commission on Indigenous People)
  • Any other Valid ID
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Voter Registration Centers:

In the Republic of Philippines, Local COMELEC offices or OEO Offices of the Election Officer are the centers where the Filipino Citizens are allowed for voter registration. These Local COMLEC offices or OEO offices are located in each and every District, City & Municipality of Philippines. Apart from these Local COMLEC offices or OEO offices the Filipino Citizens can register to vote through Satellite Registration.

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ERB Approval Schedule:

Once after filing the voter registration application, the voter registration applications must be approved by the ERB (Election Registration Board).

Filipino Voter Registration Process:

After attaining 18 years, the Filipino Citizens will become eligible for voter registration, by following these simple steps you can apply for voter registration and can get Filipino Voter ID card. Applying for the voter registration in Philippines one must visit the Office of the Election Officer in person (OEO).

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  • Take a valid Identity Document and visit your areas Local COMELEC office or OEO Office
  • The authorized person at Local COMELEC office or OEO Office will verify your identity and the residence with the help of your Identity Document.
  • Then authorized person at Local COMELEC office or OEO Office will verify your status of registration with the help of an application form issued at OEO.
  • Once the verification process is completed and if it is successful then you will be issued 3 copies of voter registration application form.
  • Fill or complete the 3 copies of the voter registration application form with correct information.
  • Submit the completed application form, upon submitting the application form OEO will allow you to sign the application forms.
  • After signing the application forms, authorized Voter Registration Machine Operator will capture your biometrics digitally in front of OEO. 
  • Once after capturing your biometric data, the Voter Registration Machine Operator will issue you an acknowledgement.
  • Keep the acknowledgement safe, you must show the acknowledgement while issuing the Voter ID Card.

Voter Registration Form Download –

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