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November 22, 2018
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Types of Elections                          Electoral Register 

How to Register to Vote In UK

 If you want to vote in the UK, you can register online or fill out the voter registration form. You may need to have your National Insurance number and your passport if you are a citizen of Britain and want to vote in the UK. In order to vote, you should appear in the electoral register. If an individual is concerned about his or her safety, there is also a process you can register anonymously. If you are illegally in the UK, you can’t register to vote.

UK General Election Results 2019:

Registering to Vote:

 If you will be voting in England, Scotland, or Wales, you can register online by visiting the UK government website. A simple form is available online that you fill.

  • Using the Welsh Language version, you can go here
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Make sure you have your National Insurance number.

Alternatively, you can register by post by printing off the form and filling it then you send it to the local electoral registration office. The voter registration forms are found here

In Northern Ireland, there is a different registration if you want to register by post and it’s available here

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 Who is Eligible to Vote in the UK?

 You can register as a voter in the UK if you are:

  • Aged 16 years and above, however, you won’t vote until you have attained 18 years and you are a British citizen
  • You qualify for Commonwealth citizen resident within the UK meaning an individual who  possesses leave to enter or remain within the UK or a person who doesn’t need to have such leave
  • A European Union citizen residing in the UK but are not Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in local and European elections within the UK, but they cannot vote in general elections of UK.
  • A person not legally excluded from participating in voting activities within the UK
  • A UK citizen who lives abroad and is a registered voter in the UK within the last 15 years

In Scotland, voter registration can be done when a person is 15 years old and sometimes when they are 14 years. However, voting for Scottish Parliament and local elections can only occur when the person is 16 and for European Parliament and UK elections, a person has to wait until they reach 18, even though they already have the voter’s registration.

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Who Can’t Vote in a UK Parliament Election?

 If you are a member of the House of Lords, you cannot vote in parliamentary elections in the UK. Also, EU citizens other than Malta, Cyprus, Ireland Republic, and the UK residing in the United Kingdom are not eligible to vote. Anyone other than Irish, British and Qualifying Commonwealth citizens cannot cast their ballot. If you have been convicted and detained in pursuance of a sentence except for contempt of court, you cannot vote. However, remand prisoners, civil prisoners, and unconvicted prisoners can cast a ballot if they appear on the electoral register. A person found guilty in the past five years of engaging in corrupt and illegal practices connected to elections cannot be able to vote.

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