Type of Elections in Indonesia

July 3, 2019
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There are different types of elections in the Republic of Indonesia, mainly can be divided in to two types they are National Elections and Local Elections. The National Elections include the Presidential Elections and Legislative Elections (people’s Consultative Assembly). Coming to the Local Elections, Local Elections include Gubernatorial Elections, Regency Elections (Mayoral Elections), Municipality Elections, City Elections, and Village Elections.

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  • Presidential Elections
  • Legislative Elections
  • Governor Elections/ Gubernatorial Elections
  • Mayor Elections/ Regency Elections
  • Municipality Elections
  • Head of the Village Elections
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National or General Elections in Republic of Indonesia:

In the Republic of Indonesia, National/ General Elections include the Presidential Elections and the Legislative Elections.

Presidential Elections:

Presidential Elections include electing the President as well as Vice President and the Legislative Members (Members of the people’s Consultative Assembly). The eligible Citizens of Republic of Indonesia cast their vote directly to elect the President and Vice- President. The President of the Republic of Indonesia serves five years term and the Vice President too. The Presidential Elections in the Republic of Indonesia will be held once in every five years. The last Presidential Election was held on 9th July 2014therefore the next Presidential Election will be held on 17th April 2019.

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Legislative Elections:

The Republic of Indonesia has two Councils, one is called People’s Representative Council (DPR) and the second one is called Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD).

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Local Elections:

Each Province of Republic of Indonesia will have a Governor. The Local Elections in the Republic of Indonesia represents the Gubernatorial Elections to elect the Governor of the Province. Mayoral Elections or Regency Elections to elect the Mayor, Municipality Elections to elect the Municipality Head, and the village Elections to elect the Head of the Village.

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