US Election Types

November 22, 2018
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Types of Elections in the US:

 In the United States, there are three types of elections: primary, general, and local. Besides, there are special elections which are called to fill a vacancy for example, when one dies or resigns. In a primary election, political parties select their candidates to contest office in the general elections. Candidates who obtain the largest voter numbers in primary elections move ahead to contest office in general election. During a primary election, voters also vote the officers of their party.

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General Elections US:

General elections are held in entire state and aren’t limited to voters within a specific locality or a particular political party.

Presidential Elections US:

A Presidential general election is held quadrennially, specifically on the Tuesday following the first Monday of the month of November. A Presidential general election aims at making a final choice among the different candidates nominated by parties or those running as write-in candidates or independent candidates.  Besides, in situations where nonpartisan races weren’t decided during the primary elections, you can have the runoffs being helped during the general elections.

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Local Elections US:

Local elections are held to fill the positions of county and city government offices. Some example of positions elected at the local level are sheriffs at county level or school board members and mayors at city level. An election for local office can be held during the time of midterm, presidential, or off-year elections.

Depending on state laws, registered voters have the opportunity to take part in democracy by casting ballot at an in-person early voting place or location at designated time period before the election day. The voters can also vote on election day at their polling place, or they can request an absentee ballot in mail. Different kinds of polling places or vote centers are defined to help voters understand what they are.

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For example, Early Voting Vote Center at regional level is located by region in which voters within a specific region are able to vote prior to election day. Early Voting Vote Center based on jurisdiction is strategically located within the jurisdiction in which voters within the entire jurisdiction can cast their vote during a particular early voting time period. Election Day Vote Consolidated Precinct Polling Place involves two or more vote precincts being assigned to a specific unique polling place. Depending on the voters within each precinct, and the location or size of polling place facilities or the projected voter turnout for specific places, you can have the consolidated precinct polling place. With Election Day Precinct-specific Polling Place, you have each vote precinct being assigned to a specific, unique polling place.

When you register to vote in US, you are entered in the electoral register. Also called electoral roll, polling book or voters roll, electoral register comprises a list of people who are eligible to cast their ballot in a specific electoral district and those who are registered to take part in voting. An electoral roll helps streamline voting process on election day. In jurisdictions where it is mandatory to vote, electoral roll helps to indicate those who failed to cast ballot.  A candidate is a person who runs for an office in an election. It would be a mayoral candidate, a presidential candidate, or other offices.

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