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November 22, 2018
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Check or Change Voter Registration

 In the US Constitution under Articles I and II, the way the state and federal elections are done is determined by the states. Each state has its own procedures and regulations for election like voter identification laws. If you registered as a voter or you changed your registration recently, it may take some weeks to have the voter registration card in your mail.  The election office in your state will inform you if they notice any problem with your voter registration.  In case you don’t get your voter registration card, you need to check with your local or state election office. Although you may not need to bring your voter registration card at the time of voting, other identification documents may be needed.

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Checking or Changing Voter Registration Information:

 An individual can check or change their registration online by visiting this website

The information that you can check or change include your address, name, and political party. In case you need additional assistance to change your registration, you can liaise with your local or state election office.  It is important to understand that depending on the rules put forward by your state, you may:

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  • Make changes to voter registration online, through phone, or by mail
  • Be required by your state to register to vote again so as to change your information.

A person should check their voter registration information to know if they are in the list of voters. Each state provides different ways of keeping the voter registration list updated. Most states delete or purge voters who remain inactive. So, checking voter registration will see if your name is in the list to prevent being barred from casting a provisional ballot. When you check on time, it ensures that your address and name or party affiliation are up to date. It also ensures that you were not mistakenly purged from the list of eligible voters by your state. It also ensures that you can vote and you vote at the right polling place.

 When to Change Voter Registration Information or Re-register:

There are insistences where you can re-register or change voter registration information. For example:

  • If you have changed your name
  • If you have been purged or deleted from the list of voters
  • If you moved permanently
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It is not possible to vote in more than one location. If you register in a new location, you give the registration office your previous address. So, the new election office is going to communicate with the old election office to ensure the previous registration is cancelled. After you have changed the registration address, you will have to vote in that new location.

If your address and name haven’t changed and records indicate that you are an active voter, you don’t need to re-register or update voter registration. Once you have registered as a voter, you can vote in all kinds of elections within your area including state, local, and federal elections. You can also vote primary, special, and general elections. In addition, you can vote referenda, ballot initiatives, and bond issues.

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