Lost Voter’s Card Replacement Nigeria

November 8, 2018
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How to Replace a Lost Permanent Voter’s Card?

The Government of Nigeria is providing this facility through the INEC – Independent National Electoral Commission to the Nigerian Voters whose Permanent Voter’s Card is lost or whose PVC is stolen or whose PVC is damaged or tore apart. By using this facility the applicants can approach their nearest polling unit to replace the lost Permanent Voter’s Card. For replacing a stolen or damaged or lost permanent voter’s card one has to apply in person. There is no online option to replace a stolen or damaged or lost permanent voter’s card. Before applying for the replacement of lost PVC one should approach the electoral officer in person 30 days prior to the elections.

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Replacement of Lost Permanent Voter’s Card:

  • Visit your nearest polling unit or electoral office along with the photocopy of your PVC.
  • If you don’t have a photocopy of your PVC then it’s better to take the address proof and photo identification documents along with you.
  • Meet the authorized person to explain the damage or loss of your permanent voter’s card.
  • If the electoral officer or the other official satisfies with your statement then they will capture your photo to issue duplicate PVC or duplicate permanent voter’s card.
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